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Martin Z. Njeuma
Fulani Hegemony In Yola (Old Adamawa) 1809-1902

Langaa Research & Publishing CIG. Mankon, Bamenda. 2012. xxxv, 276 p.

Fulani Hegemony In Yola (Old Adamawa)


Preface and Acknowledgements

  1. Chapter One: Origins of the Jihad
    1. The torch from Hausaland and Bornu
    2. Reaction of the Fulani in the Benue region
    3. The story of Modibbo Adama
  2. Chapter Two: Major Jihad Campaigns
    1. Campaigns North of Benu
    2. Campaigns in the South
    3. Campaigns after Adama
    4. The character of the campaign
  3. Chapter Three: Establishment of a Central Administration 1809-1847
    1. “Lamiɗo Fombina”
    2. Uthman's influence
  4. Chapter Four: The Central Administration
    1. Officials and Departments of State
    2. The Districts and Yola
    3. The Bero System
    4. Yola and Sokoto
  5. Chapter Five: The Rise of the “Second Estate”
    1. The aftermath of Lauwal's death
    2. The new deal under Sanda
    3. Zubeiru's Dilemma
  6. Chapter Six: Yola and Europeans (1823-1894)
    1. Exploring Missions
    2. Trade and politics under Zubeiru
    3. The race to Yola and partition
    4. Ready, steady, go
  7. Chapter Seven: Yola, Mahdism and Rabeh
    1. Hayatu and Mahdism under Sanda
    2. Hayatu versus Lamiɗo Zubeiru
    3. Zubeiru, Rabeh and the Niger Company
  8. Chapter Eight: European Campaigns against the Emirate
    1. Prelude to German invasion
    2. “The Voute-Adamawa expedition”
    3. Zubeiru's intrepidity
    4. War clouds make their descent
    5. Captain Morland's invasion
    6. The fugitive Lamiɗo

Appendix I: Memorandum on the Jihad in Adamawa
Appendix II: Aliyu Babba to the Muslim Community (Adamawa)
Appendix III: Award Given by Baron Lambermont in the Question of the “Sergent Malamine”
Appendix IV: List of flag-bearers
Appendix V: Sketch Chronology of Events
Appendix VI: Genealogical Tree of the Yola Royal Family

Notes on Sources